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15 March 2030 @ 09:42 pm
my corner of the internet  
I spend way too much of my life writing fanfiction. This journal is devoted to that, although I rarely post my fics on this site anymore. (For the most part, they can be found on ff.net, and a link to my ff.net profile is on the sidebar.) I do, however, try to update the masterlist below as often as possible with links to every fic I've written for every fandom. For the record, my penname on some sites is "MagEd." comments are screened. :)

last updated April 24, 2016

The 100
(only posted on AO3)

In My House on the Hill (there is room for you still) (Bellamy/Clarke) M or R
Slow It Down (Bellamy/Clarke) M or R (only posted on AO3)
Love Will Come Through (Bellamy/Clarke) M or R
This One's For the Faithless (Bellamy/Clarke) M or R
Your Mess is Mine (Bellamy/Clarke) M or R
Meet Me in the Morning (Bellamy/Clarke) M or R
Love is Not a Whisper (or a weakness) (Bellamy/Clarke) M or R
Tear in My Heart (Bellamy/Clarke) M or R
The Love You Bring (Bellamy/Clarke) M or R
several Bellamy/Clarke drabbles found here, ratings vary

Game of Thrones

Hope Will Put The Colors in the Sky (Gendry/Arya) M or R (only posted on AO3)
several Gendry/Arya ficlets found here, ratings vary


This Will Be Our Favorite Song (Jeff/Annie) M or R (also posted on ff.net)

Sons of Anarchy
(only posted on ff.net)

Shut Down the City Lights (Jax/Tara) M or R
Still Gonna Stand My Solid Ground (Jax/Tara) T or PG-13

Once Upon a Time

But I'd Still Choose You (Snow/Charming) K+ or PG (also posted on ff.net)
Show Me How to Move (Snow/Charming and Emma) M or R (only posted on ff.net)
And It's Burning in the Rain (Snow/Charming) K+ pr PG (only posted on ff.net)
A Light in Your Eyes (Emma-centric) K+ or PG (only posted on ff.net)
All Our Younger Years (Snow/Charming) M or R (only posted on ff.net)
a few drabbles found here, ratings vary

The Hunger Games
(only posted on ff.net)

If You Found Me at Last (P/K) M or R
The Sun is Gonna Shine (P/K) M or R
Ghosts with Just Voices (P/K) M or R
The Water is Rising Quick (P/K) M or R
All this Waiting for Skies to Fall (P/K) M or R
Knot Your Fingers Through Mine (P/K) M or R
My Kingdom Come (P/K) M or R
Have Heart, My Dear (P/K) M or R
a few Peeta/Katniss ficlets found here, ratings vary

Friday Night Lights

'Cause Your Favorite Shade is Navy Blue (M/J) M or R (also posted on ff.net)

(some of these links go to LJ, some to ff.net; most of the stories are posted on both, but the multi-chapters as well as the more recent fics are only on ff.net)

Open Arms (F/R) T or PG-13
These Hearts, They Race From Self-Control (F/R) M or R
So Far Away from Me (F/R) M or R
Must Have Been a Tear from Your Eye (Carol with B/C and F/R) K+ or PG
This is How It Works (F/R) T or PG-13
Tell the Devil I said "Hey" (F/R) K+ or PG
You Can't Silence My Love (F/R) M or R
And When Your Fears Subside (F/R)  T or PG-13
When the World Comes Down (F/R) rating varies by chapter (incomplete)
Little Miss Checkered Dress (F/R) T or PG-13
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (F/R) rating varies by chapter but primarily M or R
Your Second Hand Heart (F/R) K+ or PG
Let's Love and Risk It All (F/R) T or PG-13
Cinderella in a Party Dress (F/R) T or PG-13
I'll Always Love Your Style (F/R) T or PG-13
Hike Up Your Skirt A Little More (F/R) M or R
All the Stars Play for Me (F/R) M or R
But These Stories Don't Mean Anything (F/R) K+ or PG
Strain This Chaos, Turn It Into Light (F/R) M or R
Feel The Sun Through Darkest Sky (F/R) rating varies by chapter but primarily M or R
Open the Sky for Me Now (F/R) M or R
That Mona Lisa Strangeness in Your Smile (F/R) M or R
See Your Pretty Face in the Sunshine (F/R) T or PG-13 (for the finchel secret santa exchange!)
several F/R drabbles found here, ratings vary


Precious and Fragile Things (Olivia) T or PG-13
Make a Deal with God (O/P) T or PG-13

Veronica Mars

I'm the Hero of the Story (V/L) K+ or PG
Shooting into a Clown's Mouth (M/D) T or PG-13
A Daughter's First Love (Keith and V/L)
It Just Hit Me (V/L) K+ or PG
Safe in Harbor (V/L) K+ or PG
Truth Be Told (V/L) T or PG-13 (also posted on ff.net)
Like a Knife Cuts It Clear (V/L) T or PG-13 (also posted on ff.net)

Harry Potter

my most recent HP fic is only posted on ff.net:

And the Wolves All Cry (L/J) M or R
Just Stay Here Tonight (L/J) M or R

the links below go to the single site where my older HP fanfiction is posted, mugglenet.fanction. (those stories with an asterick are older, thus not as well written.) I do have a few fics posted on livejournal, on SIYE, and on a few other sites, but mugglenet.fanfiction has everything under the penname "MagEd."

{the seven people who love . . .}
Of Understanding and Misunderstanding (Ron) K or G
What Makes the Ride Worthwhile (Remus) K or G
But Given Unsought (Harry) K+ or PG
The Gates of Happiness (Ginny) K or G
How Much a Heart Can Hold (Hermione) K+ or PG

*Someone To Watch Over Me (L/J) light M or light R
*The Pursuit (R/Hr) light M or light R
*Uncle Fred Calls Him Dick (H/G) T or PG-13
*When Darkness Did Surround Us (H/G, R/Hr) light M or light R
I'll Pick You Up (L/J) light M or light R

{one or two-shots}
*The Perfect Cliche (L/J) K+ or PG
*What Does It Matter? (L/J) K+ or PG
*I Love You This Much (L/J) K+ or PG
The Twinge (H/G) K+ or PG
The One Miracle (L/J) T or PG-13
Sir Oscar O'Reilly (L/J) K+ or PG-13
Wait (H/G) K+ or PG
The End of Fear (H/G) K+ or PG
On Any Day (R/Hr) K+ or PG
When Worlds Die (Fred) K+ or PG
What Better Way (R/Hr) K or G
And Every Day is a Start (H/G) T or PG-13
The Smell of You (L/J) K+ or PG
This is the Last Song (L/J) T or PG-13
How to Be Dead (L/J) K or G
You Told Me Once, Dear (Severus, plus L/J) T or PG-13
But I Could Never Climb Alone (James, plus L/J) light M or light R


Talking (J/B) K or G
Feel the Rush (J/B) K+ or PG
Stars are Dancin' on the Water (J/B) K+ or PG
The World Spins Madly On (J/B) K or G
It's Gonna Bleed Sometimes (J/B) K+ or PG
Then It's Your Choice (J/B) T or PG-13
The Two Hundred and Seven Days After (J/B) T or PG-13

(only posted on ff.net)

A Company Man (Chris with L/P) T or PG-13 (my longest fic to date!)

One Tree Hill

Lying Right Beside You (P/L) K or PG
What Will Your Legacy Be (or ten steps to growing up) (Sawyer with P/L) K or G
You're All That I Have (P/L) K or PG
Birds of a Feather (P/L) T or PG-13


The Paxtons (The Proposal) K or G (also posted on ff.net)
Making a Moment (Pitch Perfect) M or R (only posted on ff.net)